NRL Love Island Crossover Coming: NRL


BREAKING: A source close to the National Rugby League has identified the possibility of a Love Island/NRL season crossover as a key driver of the current plan to house all NRL players on a remote offshore island.

“Think of the synergies” a suit told the Sportress. “First we get the money back from the broadcasters. Second we get extra money from TV channels desperate for any low-cost reality shows they can hammer out. And third, the single blokes will be much happier if they get to go on dates with reality tv stars.”

“We must might need to test for a bit more than just coronavirus.”

The source told us that work is ongoing on the logistics, and that the major obstacle to the cross-over now was ensuring that the island had a good enough internet connection to ensure that everyone could fire off their Instagram posts.

The Sportress approached Ricky Stuart for comment but he didn’t understand what Love Island, Instagram or the internet was.

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