Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Storm Preliminary Final Preview

BY ROB 2 years, 2 preliminary finals. The Canberra Raiders haven’t done this well since the halcyon days of the early 1990s. It’s now 26 years since they claimed their third premiership, casually pummeling a hapless Bulldogs side. In the interim the Melbourne Storm joined the league and proceeded to embark on a journey of … More Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Storm Preliminary Final Preview

Sustainable Success?

BY DAN On Friday this week the Canberra Raiders play their third preliminary final in the last five years. It’s the most sustained period of success the Milk have had since they wore Milk jerseys. Back then (and just before), they played preliminary finals in 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995 and 1997 (depending on … More Sustainable Success?

Moving On

BY DAN Tell me there’s a better feeling than spending your weekend bathing in a victory like Canberra’s semi final victory over the Roosters. If you’re anything like me, last Friday’s victory sat with you all weekend, and you read every damn article you could find about it, if only just to hold the exhilaration … More Moving On