Sustainable Success?

BY DAN On Friday this week the Canberra Raiders play their third preliminary final in the last five years. It’s the most sustained period of success the Milk have had since they wore Milk jerseys. Back then (and just before), they played preliminary finals in 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995 and 1997 (depending on … More Sustainable Success?

Moving On

BY DAN Tell me there’s a better feeling than spending your weekend bathing in a victory like Canberra’s semi final victory over the Roosters. If you’re anything like me, last Friday’s victory sat with you all weekend, and you read every damn article you could find about it, if only just to hold the exhilaration … More Moving On

Raiders Rumble! Raiders v Roosters Semi Final Edition

BY DAN Well here’s where it gets difficult. The Canberra Raiders have made it to week two of the finals because they are a very good footy team, when they want to be, and they find a way when they’re not. It’s been a long time since they put together a complete performance – approximately … More Raiders Rumble! Raiders v Roosters Semi Final Edition

Rapana To Stay

BY DAN Jordan Rapana yesterday confirmed what most observers had assumed was coming for some time: that he would be seeing out his career in Canberra. While for second there was a claim that either the Storm or the Tigers would be keen on Rapana, the man himself has told Dan Walsh of that: … More Rapana To Stay

The Heart of Brisbane

BY ANDREW Throughout the latter decades of the 20th century there seemed to be capstone events that summed up events of the previous years. They may have crowned periods of technical advance, social upheaval, or political turmoil. The fifties were a time of massive technological advancements coming to the masses. With the world no longer … More The Heart of Brisbane

Football, Fast Starts and Consequences

BY DAN The Canberra Raiders survived. That’s the main feeling most people have post their almost weekly slow start-fast finish combination managed to carry them through an elimination final. Another team, a different half (seriously Chad, those last tackle options were no bueno), and maybe the Raiders are licking their wounds and planning for 2021 … More Football, Fast Starts and Consequences

The Raiders’ Edge

BY DAN The challenge facing the Canberra Raiders to win the NRL premiership is substantial. They will likely have to go through the three best teams in the league to get there, and that assumes they beat a ‘better-than-you-think’ Cronulla Sharks this weekend. There are simply no easy games. Winning will mean finding every edge … More The Raiders’ Edge

Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Sharks Week 1 Finals Preview

BY ROB Twenty of the most tumultuous stop-start rounds of regular season footy have come to a close, leaving eight finalists to duke it out in the first week. Courtesy of a last-gasp Eels effort over the Tigers in round 20 the Raiders find themselves facing the Sharks for the second week running. The Raiders … More Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Sharks Week 1 Finals Preview