The actual GOAT

BY DAN You may have noticed in the last few days that there’s been a bit of noise about Tom Brady being the greatest (athlete) of all time. They call it the GOAT, which in the esoteric tradition of English is simultaneously an animal, a food, an acronym and an athletic status. I’m pretty sure … More The actual GOAT

Hodgson’s Magical Moustache

BY DAN BREAKING: Scientists are speculating whether Josh Hodgson’s new moustache has magical healing powers. The Canberra Raiders released photos today of Hodgson sporting a new moustache, and scientists from the National Hype Measurement Institute have already identified that it may be important in Hodgson’s recovery from an ACL injury suffered last year. “We’re not … More Hodgson’s Magical Moustache

Government tracing possible bad luck cluster in Canberra

BY DAN CANBERRA: The government is currently conducting a contact tracing exercise to identify the source of the Canberra Raiders bad luck. “If we are to eliminate this bad luck, we need to understand where it has come from. We’ve got plenty of theories at this stage, mostly relating to Ben Cummins, but nothing conclusive”, … More Government tracing possible bad luck cluster in Canberra

Terrible Ideas Proof Rugby League Is Perfect

BY DAN SYDNEY: The steady stream of terrible, terrible ideas coming out of the National Rugby League’s “innovation committee” is proof that the game is already perfect, a prominent academic has revealed. The complete lack of merit of any idea coming out of this innovation committee is evidence that there are no improvements to make, … More Terrible Ideas Proof Rugby League Is Perfect

Lack of Game Day ‘Pretty Shit’: Institute.

BY DAN The fact that today is the day the Canberra Raiders were meant to be playing, and aren’t, is “pretty shit” according to the National Hype Measurement Insitute. “The National Rugby League’s decision to suspend the season due to the impact of the Coronavirus may have been right, but it does make today pretty … More Lack of Game Day ‘Pretty Shit’: Institute.