Shatting themselves: Lyon and Marsh provide on and off field entertainment


When Australia wins test matches in recent times it has usually been on the back of our much celebrated superstars, whether that be Clarke, Johnson, Warner or Harris. And when this occurs these protagonists are usually all too familiar with the cliché post match back and forth with the commentators.

Saturday’s amazing test match saw one of Australia’s lesser lights in Nathan Lyon step up and deliver Australia victory in spectacular fashion. On day 5 Lyon managed to take 6 wickets in the last session, including the prize wickets of Kohli and Vijay and the match winning wicket of Ishant Sharma. It was a massive achievement for him, simultaneously recording his first 10 wicket haul and doing what no Australian spinner has been able to do since Warnie – carry Australia to victory. Of course adding to the emotions and significance of the occasion were all the tributes to Phillip Hughes.

With Mark Nicholas announcing Nathan Lyon as Man of the Match the stage was set for him to eloquently speak about what just took place. He started well: thanking the crowd for their support, albeit with a bit of a stutter and a bit of shuffling. He then got a bit carried away with the “thankyous”, heaping praise on the curator Damien Hoff and Umpire Erasmus both of whom didn’t really do anything well this test. He then moved on to the much more praiseworthy efforts of Kohli and Vijay which seemed fairly gracious until he concluded with an awkward pledge of allegiance to Australians.

“ah yeah they’re unbelievable and um they’re superstars and they deserve that tag and credit goes to those guys but I’m sticking with Australians.”

Mark Nicholas pushed on and did everything in his power to let Nathan Lyon teach us all of the power of self belief. And while Lyon was a little slow on the uptake and probably didn’t deliver it with the conviction Nicholas was hoping for, he got the vibe right.

Mark Nicholas: When you woke up this morning expectations were on Nathan Lyon. Newspapers, television people, Warnie, everybody saying “Nathan can win us this game”. Did you believe?

Nathan: Uh yeah certainly. It just happened……. So uh yeah I’m certainly believing and keep on believing that’s for sure.

Nathan Lyon was then interviewed by ABC Grandstand and seemed much more confident as he settled in to a nice rhythm with these consecutive answers:

“ Thanks, I don’t really know what to say.”

“Fantastic, I really don’t know what to say to be honest.”

“Yeah I’ll have a few beers and I don’t know, as I keep saying, I don’t really know what to say.

As much as Lyon struggled it was Mitchell Marsh who had just played in his third test who provided the most memorable post match quote. When Warnie mockingly asked Marsh on live television if he was comfortable taking the crucial catch to dismiss Kohli, Marsh replied with a grin “I pretty much shat myself”.

Although they weren’t the smooth polished interviews we’re used to seeing from our superstars, they were genuine emotions from two of Australia’s lesser known players and they provided a nice, feel good, conclusion to what was an extraordinary test match.

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