Pull the pin


The NRL is done for 2020.

They may not have made this announcement yet but there is simply no way for the game to continue. No stringent protocols can save it, no mass relocation to somewhere in Queensland. The coronavirus is everywhere, and the places where it doesn’t seem to be (which just means it hasn’t been detected there yet) are along with the rest of the nation quickly descending into economic shock.

That the competition was allowed to reach this point is irresponsible enough, but to continue any further would be madness. In the UK F1 teams have turned their capabilities to manufacturing essential medical equipment to aid the healthcare system, and while I’m not suggesting NRL players start making hand sanitiser they do need to do their bit for public health. Which does mean shutting down the competition.

2020 will most likely be a blank entry into the NRL’s history, and I’m ok with that. I love rugby league and I’m sure you do too, but is currently surplus to requirements at this time. V’landys and Greenberg thinking that the code could claw its way through the greatest financial and societal disaster since the great depression was the ultimate display of hubris.

The game of rugby league will survive, but it needs to cocoon itself and be reborn on the other side.

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