Replacing Stars

BY DAN Just when you thought it was safe to stop latibulating, the Canberra Raiders’ 2021 decided to get that much more harder. The Milk will likely be without three of their most important players for at least next week after Jack Wighton, Josh Hodgson and Josh Papalii were all been charged by the judiciary … More Replacing Stars

Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Bulldogs Round 10 Preview

BY ROB First of all, a big thanks to Dan for handling the Rumble last week when I was extremely exhausted and somewhat despondent about the Raiders. Secondly a big thanks to you, the reader, for actually reading this, and our other pieces. 2021 is clearly the year from hell for those who bleed green. … More Raiders Rumble! Raiders vs Bulldogs Round 10 Preview

Raiders Reminiscence!

BY ROB It’s pretty dark right now, and not just because Winter has come to the nation’s capital. The Raiders are experiencing turmoil not felt since the dissolution of the OG Green Machine, a thing now exacerbated by social media and the 24/7 news cycle. So rather than write the same old vaguely predictive stuff … More Raiders Reminiscence!

Oh Captain My Captain

BY DAN If 2021 wasn’t already in a full-fledged tailspin for the Canberra Raiders, then it got another little push towards bedlam when it emerged that Josh Hodgson had stood down as captain…two weeks ago. This was a part of a series of stories that came out Tuesday evening. First Michael Chammas of the Sydney … More Oh Captain My Captain