It’s Time

BY DAN It’s time to expand the Women’s National Rugby League. It’s time to embrace a professional era, pay the women properly, and allow them the same single-minded focus on their craft afforded the men. This will grow the game in the long term, if the leadership of the NRL is willing to take the … More It’s Time

Suspensions Announced.

BY DAN The National Rugby League has finally announced their assessments of the twin Corey drink-driving incidents from the off-season. Horsburgh will miss one game, and Harawira-Naera will miss two. The decision essentially means that the NRL aligns with Coach Stuart’s existing statements on the matter. It’s good to see that, and one might suggest … More Suspensions Announced.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 2021 NRL jersey roundup!

BY ROB Another season, another batch of jerseys spanning the sporting fashion spectrum from delicious legacy vibes through to design update disasters. Not all jerseys are captured here as some teams don’t make round-specific strips (or may not have them ready). So without further ado… Canberra Raiders The Raiders have made some interesting choices for … More The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 2021 NRL jersey roundup!

Words of a Broken Fan

BY MATTY McP So it’s come to this. The Dragons have driven me to be the guy yelling at digital clouds due to their seemingly deliberate attempts to become the worst run team in the game. I don’t understand what the rationale behind their recent decisions has been, but whatever logic they’ve used, they need … More Words of a Broken Fan

Thank you

BY DAN What a whirlwind few days hey? We’ve been “down” on Facebook since last Thursday. In that time we reached out to you, dear reader, to help us find a way around the peril that our reliance on that distribution model. And because you’re pretty flipping rad, you helped us out, and a bunch … More Thank you