Raiders’ swap ill-disciplined player for ill-disciplined player


BREAKING: Raiders fans are reeling that their new centre is just as prone to an error as their last one.

After pushing BJ Leilua out the door on the basis of his ill-discipline on the field, Raiders fans are having to deal with the fact Curtis Scott seems prone to ill-discipline off it.

Scott was arrested after a night out in Sydney and it’s enough to exasperate any fan of the Milk.

One fan told The Sportress “I mean seriously? We get this guy to be reliable and he can’t handle a night out with the English boys….actually that makes sense.”

“Now at least it makes sense why he left the Storm to come to us. Here’s hoping it’s a Hodgo jumping through the door situation rather than a Dugan situation.”

“I hope he’s at least got a brain on the field. BJ giving away a stray penalty or two doesn’t seem so bad now” another told us.

At this stage it’s not clear if Scott will be charged with resisting arrest, which at least means he’s can avoid a tackle.

More to come.

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