Raiders fan still staring into the distance


A local Raiders fan is staring off into the distance and it’s worrying his coworkers.

Local Raiders fan David has been spending the best part of his time since the grand final just looking off into the distance.

“I’m starting to worry. All he does is stare” a colleague told The Sportress. “What is he thinking about? It can’t be the ‘six again’ can it? It was two weeks ago! Maybe it’s the Jack Wighton thing? Or maybe the John Bateman thing?”

“He needs to do some damn work” his boss told us. “All he does is stare and mumble. I hope he’s not going to cry. I can’t deal with that.”

When approached for comment, David gave us a hug and simply said “how good was it when Papa stormed over in the prelim? Were you there?”

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