NRL Judiciary to be consistent from….now!


SYDNEY: The National Rugby League judiciary has promised to start being consistent starting right now.

A string of controversial calls has culminated in Sam Burgess not being suspended for a high shot that concussed Cronulla fullback Matt Moylen, the judiciary has released a statement saying they will definitely be consistent from now on.

“We know we haven’t always got it right but starting right now we are going to get all the calls right, a spokesman for the judiciary said.

The spokesman said the judiciary actually had a good record on consistency.

“We consistently cracked down on the spear tackle for a week. We consistently cracked down on eye gouging when it’s not committed by Queensland origin candidates.

“I guess people need us to be even better.

So from now on we promise. We going to be consistent. Starting now.”

“Ok ok. Now!”

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