Raiders Fan Still Waiting for Other Shoe To Drop


CANBERRA: A local fan is still petrified it’s all going to fall apart for the Canberra Raiders despite their good form in 2019.

“Mate I still don’t trust them” local man Jack Rousseau has told The Sportress over a pint, a cigarette shaking in his hand. “I know they’ve been great but who have they beaten?

“I just don’t want to get my hopes up. Wait til we play the Roosters and the Storms then we’ll see.”

Rousseau says he’s been a Raiders fan for over thirty years now, and blames the success of the early years for setting his expectations too high.

“The golden years just made me think something better is possible. It’s a curse to have this altered mindset.

I’m more nervous every week. It was easier when we were shit. I’m a pack a game day now. I didn’t even smoke before this season!”

“I swear I was born free then I became a Raiders supporter.”

Jack’s friend Manny rolled his eyes and told The Sportress being around him can be a bit trying. “I know it’s just how he perceives things, always focusing on the downside, but man is it boring. Injuries this, Roosters that.”

“Just freaking enjoy it mate! How can you not believe in John Bateman.”

“Deadset he’s got less range than Eeyore.”

We approached Coach Stuart for comment but he just muttered “I prefer Kant” and walked away.

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