The Curious Case of the Missing Interception


Most Canberra Raiders fans are imbued with a sense of conspiracy.

We think the National Rugby League is out to get us (they’re not). We believe the Sydney media don’t care about us (they do…I think). We are certain that everyone would rather we just didn’t exist (Ok that makes us sound like a pouting teenager).

It’s never helped when Channel 9’s Footy Show has glossed over Raiders’ games in a minute or so, brushing through the highlights with not much else to say. One of the big reasons we started this blog was because it used to annoy us that apart from the good people at The Canberra Times (shouts to Tuxy), no one would write about our beloved Green Machine.

So colour me shocked when, in my post-victory glow, I stumbled upon the following bit of commentary on social media that apparently came from the Daily Telegraph.*


If you didn’t watch the game this will seem fine to you. For those of us that did, it was a surprise to learn that Michael Oldfield’s second third try was an interception. Here is the actual try below.

You will notice that Oldfield had the ball in his hand the whole time, and that nary an interception was to be seen.

We didn’t believe that this error was real. After all, we only had the screen shot. How can you invent an entire passage of play?

So we took to social media to see if anyone else had seen it. Staunch Raiders man Ryan Gillard (@gilby_gillard on twitter) pointed out that the same passage had appeared in the

Confirmed! Replete with video of the event, was still carrying this error at 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon. But then we discovered that the ABC was carrying the error as wellSo it wasn’t a news limited only conspiracy. It was even wider than this!

How was this error made? If everyone had the error, who had got it wrong? Was it an error, a hoax or a practical joke? Why is it still up nearly 24 hours after the game began? How had no one noticed? Did they not click on the video? And why does this always happen to the Canberra Raiders? Poor Michael Oldfield.

Or am I wrong, and did Michael Oldfield actually take an interception that I saw but was just so unbelievable my brain has been unable to compute it?

Makes you think.

(No it doesn’t).

*via Chris Cameron on Facebook

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