NRL: Refs to thank for thrilling first week of finals


Todd Greenberg has expressed sincere thanks to his refereeing crew for ensuring there was plenty to talk about after all the National Rugby League (NRL) finals series’ games came to thrilling conclusions.

Not pictured: the refs

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“Yeah mate we’re really happy. Sometimes finals series’ can be a bit dull, what with all the sudden-death games and brilliant athletes at the peak of their powers. So we’re happy the refs were able to get in there and make create some proper controversy.”

“A lot of people worry that if the refs are a tad inconsistent it can really overshadow the onfield product but we see it more as complementary. And Rugby League fans love to complain about the refs even when they’re right.

“And the boys made sure people had plenty to complain about. So we’re really happy.”

Greenberg went on to note that the referees had really helped spur-on high quality rugby league discussion on social media.

“Mate there has been quality repartee. Have you seen those grainy photos people share of every controversial decision? Super discussion.”



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