Australian Selectors Promise to Stick To Plan “For At Least This Test”


The Australian National Selection Panel has promised to stick to their new ‘youth’ based plan for ‘at least this test, maybe even the next couple’.

Waugh (left) wonders if former selector Rod Marsh is holding a form guide for the dogs

Speaking to reporters following the announcement of the third test squad, the panel announced that the current team would be kept together for the foreseeable future.

“We’re planning to stick with this for as long as possible, or at least until there’s another collapse. So hopefully this test at least. Maybe the next one too if we’re lucky” panel member Mark Waugh said.

“We don’t want to put too much pressure on these young fellas, but if we keep collapsing like a jenga tower we’ll probably need a new plan. Maybe go back to the ‘all Mitches and Marshes’ squads. We could always bring back Watto too but I guess maybe he’s retired” Waugh trailed off.

“But this youth plan is good for now. We’ve picked some good cricketers here. We hadn’t watched any of them until last week. I’d been too busy down at the dogs. But we’ve been really impressed.

“They’re young too. Bringing in Greg (interim selector Greg Chappell) was important with that. He wanted us to sack Davy Warner too because he’s over 30 but we just thought that was too much change.”


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