Australia To Keep Doing The Same Thing Until It Works


The Australian Cricket Coach and the Chairman of the National Selection Panel have expressed shock that “doing the same thing repeatedly until it works” hasn’t proven to be a successful strategy.

Marsh shocked.jpg
Marsh committed to hoping things work out

Speaking to gathered reporters following yet another collapse by the Australian batting order, Marsh and Lehmann exclaimed that they were shocked that throwing shit against the wall and hoping it stuck didn’t work this time.

“Look mate, when we brought Boof on-board we all agreed that the old way of picking bowlers who could bowl and batsmen who could bat wasn’t the way we wanted to go” said Marsh.

“We figured we’d go against the grain. You know, zig when everyone else was zagging.”

“So we picked Mennie because he could bat. Just liked we picked Mitchell Marsh at six because he could bowl. And in Mennie’s case, let’s be frank, that was a quality 10 he got.

Sure he didn’t get any wickets but that’s not his job” Marsh added.

“Just you wait til you see Callum Ferguson’s sneaky little meds.”

Lehmann added “We’re really upset the same guys who collapsed historically last year at Trent Bridge did it again.”

“We’d spoken about not collapsing. I said to the guys collapsing is bad and they shouldn’t do it. But they did it again.

“We’re working hard at hoping that these problems magically fix themselves. It’ll work out. I have a feeling about it.”


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