6 Things We Learned From the 9s


Rejoice all! Rugby League is back! Well sorta.

The Rugby League 9s took place in Auckland this weekend. And like all good sports blogs we’ve watched it closely to see if there was any hints as to what might be in store for the upcoming NRL Premiership. Here’s what we learned.

1. Football!!!

Man did the cricket suck this summer. What a kidney stone of a test series. Thank Christ there is football!!!!

2. Auckland is a place.

This is a place.

Confirmed. Auckland is totally a town and/or city. It’s in a whole other country. Looks pretty too.

3. Wait that guy plays for us?

Echoed out across the country as Rugby League fans discovered the fringes of their favourite teams’ rosters.

From Josh McCrone (Dragons) to Matt Parcell (Sea-Eagles) to Chase Stanely (Storm Dragons Doggies… I think) fans all enjoyed a moment to remember, yep, they signed that guy.

4. People actually take this seriously?

Shocking I know. We thought this would be the equivalent of cricket’s Big Bash League – a bit of hit and giggle. We’d watch a bit while nursing a hangover and forget about it five minutes later.

croker - base
Toots demands to be taken seriously

The fact that people like Jason Croker and Braith Anasta were running around was a dead give away. Not to be taken seriously.

But from the way the commentators were behaving you’d have thought it was the final weeks in September!

5. Wow [insert outside back] looks really fast!

“It’s amazing how great that guy looked when no one was tackling him. We should totally sign him for another two years.”

Woah there mate. Settle down.

6. When does actual football start?

Amen brother.

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