Raiders Rumble: Raiders and Rabbitohs Round 8 Preview

bunnies raiders


A third of the way through the season finds two teams playing a game in a place where footy isn’t generally played a whole lot on a top tier professional level: Cairns. The Rabbitohs are hosting this one, and it could well prove to be as challenging as the away game against the Roosters. The Raiders have won two of their last three games, while the Bunnies have lost their last two straight. There’s nothing more dangerous than a defending premier side down on its luck, and the Bunnies have a chance to get the season back on track on Sunday night. In past seasons the Raiders have occasionally sprung surprise wins on stronger teams, although this years modus operandi appears to be winning away games, bar the Roosters debacle. The Raiders remain unchanged with the exception of the departed Tilse, whilst the Bunnies are still without their integral half Reynolds.

Big Three – Rabbitohs

Greg Inglis: I grudgingly admire Inglis in the way that only a Blues fan can: He’s just too good. But as good as he is, he can only be so if his team mates can get him the ball. Keary and Mcinnes need quick movement through the attacking line to promote the insane abilities of GI. Conversely, the Raiders kickers will need to nullify any chance of broken play/kick returns.

Tom/George Burgess: Sure their big brother might be off in the UK, but these two one tonne terrors are still frequently giving smaller defenders nightmares. One struggles to think what the grocery bill in the Burgess household was like.

Adam Reynolds: Yes, I know he’s out hurt. It’s that very fact that has hurt the Bunnies in recent weeks. Keary and Mcinnes will need to have this game in a headlock for the full 80 minutes.

Big Three – Raiders

Sia Soliola: I bet you Luke Brooks is still having flashbacks to last Sunday. Add in 37 tackles and 98 metres and Sia carried himself pretty well.

Paul Vaughan: Pretty much now one of the lead forwards, with stats to prove it. Will be in the starting 13 this week, so expect him to try and muscle plenty of room from the get go.

Kurt Baptiste: Raiders fans everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when Baptiste showed that he wasn’t crap (unlike some previous bench hookers this year). Baptiste kept the momentum going after Hodgson, appearing alert and attentive at dummy half (as opposed to being crap at dummy half). Quick service and speed make him the perfect sub for Hodgson (Fuck you McCrone/Buttriss).

You Wot Mate?

Russell Crowe trying to promote the Bunnies on Jimmy Fallon.


Crystal Ball

All the teams in the 6 point logjam secure a win, causing the Bulldogs to slide out of the 8. Kurt Baptiste is outright awesome, and is anointed bench #9 for the remainder of the season.

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