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What a whirlwind few days hey?

We’ve been “down” on Facebook since last Thursday. In that time we reached out to you, dear reader, to help us find a way around the peril that our reliance on that distribution model. And because you’re pretty flipping rad, you helped us out, and a bunch of you signed up. For that you will always be special to us. That alone is enough for us to keep things going here. Thank you. We see you, and we love you. Hugs? Come in here you….

If you’ve missed out in the meantime here’s some things we’ve written lately. We had some takes on Georgie Williams being given the kicking tee. We are pretty excited (and surprised) Emre Guler is sticking about. We are also looking forward Bailey Simmonson’s year and the fact the Raiders have a dedicated New South Wales Cup team. Oh, and if you haven’t had a chance, read our takes on V’Landys and the new rules here. We’re really proud of that one.

In the next few days we’ll have plenty of content. Keep an eye out for some takes on the challenge to the idea of a successful Raiders culture this off-season has presented. I’ve also got some Curtis Scott takes coming, and Rob is drafting the first Rumble of the year for this weekends trial. I’m sure he’ll focus on the key outs like…Xavier Savage I guess? When they said “name your squad” Sticky took that a bit literally. We’ll do our famous Raiders Review for that game before we hit you with a preview for the season to come early next week. I bet you’re already regretting the idea of that many emails.

But until we bombard you with content let me reiterate how important you are to us. Thank you for signing up here. It’s looking like we’ll be back up on Facebook soon, but the world has turned in an odd fashion lately. So let’s enjoy ourselves in this space for a bit.

Oh yeah, and if you haven’t, you can still sign up to get these takes straight to your inbox below.

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One comment

  1. ‘When they said “name your squad” Sticky took that a bit literally. ‘
    Great message, but i really laughed over that statement – what was Sticky thinking? Is it the lt I ate smoke screen?
    I’ll continue reading your ramblings as i think they are very insightful and sometimes funny, whatever platform you finally settle on!


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