Rugby League Fans: We Made It


Celebrations are breaking out after rugby league fans realise that there will be footy this week.

“No more filling time thinking about worthless, not rugby league things” one reveller told the Sportress. “Now I can focus on important things like SuperCoach, arguing with strangers on the internet and watching as my team breaks my heart.”

“It’s the best!”

There’s already been reports of a 58 percent growth in supposed adults sidestepping their house furniture. People wearing their favourite replica jerseys is at an all time high, and there’s been multiple sightings of pets being palmed off by children running down the hallway.

“It’s basically Christmas Eve, only better, ‘cos there’s footy coming.”

It’s expected this optimism will peak over the next few weeks before the crushing disappointment of reality will settle into the life/hate cycle of the season.

One comment

  1. Nothing changes. The Raiders are still not on free to air TV. Seems like the Broncos and Cowboys – who came nowhere last year – outrank them?


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