Hype Institute Issues Warning for Canberra.


BREAKING: The National Hype Measurement Insitiute has issued a warning for Canberra, asking all Raiders’ fans to take care out there, as hype levels for the Milk reach levels not seen in years.

After their successful 2019, the Raiders are the “sexy” non “big-three” pick for 2020. The hype is now reaching hazardous levels.

“There’s a dangerous amount of hype in the air, and those P2 masks won’t help with this”, a spokesperson for the institute told The Sportress.

“Even the Channel 9 hype video has the Green Machine prominently involved. And not as the team people score on.

“What a world”

The Institute is recommending Raiders’ fans try to keep their expectations in check, and in extreme circumstances have prescribed watching replays of the Raiders playing the Panthers in Bathurst.

“Look it’s not something we like to do”, the spokesperson told us. “That game can have a profoundly depressing impact, but in extreme cases it can be the only intervention we have at our disposal.”

It is expected that the conditions will exist until the Raiders’ first trial game.

More to come.

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