“Gee It’s Been a Quiet Offseason” says local idiot.


BREAKING: A local Raiders fan has probably jinxed his side by loudly proclaiming “things have been quiet this offseason” it has been confirmed.

Local Raiders fan, Dan, told the Sportress that he couldn’t remember a summer as quiet as this one for the Green Machine.

“I mean last year it was Dufty and Johnson and Norman and Moses and Edwards. It was rumours about BJ leaving. Jack hasn’t moved to the halves yet. By this time we didn’t even have Charnze or Bailey. George Williams. There was so much going on.”

“This summer: nothing. Just added Curtis Scott and got down to business. It’s a bit boring.”

It has been confirmed by a range of sources that Dan is a numskull who should shut his trap rather than tempt fate.

More to come.

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