The Price is Right?

BY DAN Jack Wighton is about to become a very wealthy human. He has reportedly been offered 900k by the Raiders to stay in Canberra. It would apparently make him the highest paid Raider ever, and with representative footy payments could make him a million dollar man. To keep Jack in Canberra the Green Machine … More The Price is Right?

Negotiating tactics

BY DAN The Canberra Raiders would really like to lock up Jack Wighton for the next few years. After putting all the work into his development as a footballer as well as a human, they’re desperate to reap the rewards they foresee in his coming prime. They’ve made their pitch. Nine-hundred-thousand dollars a year, out … More Negotiating tactics

Everyone totally believes the Roosters

BY DAN Everyone totally believes the Roosters have one of the lowest total amounts of third-party agreements in the NRL. Despite operating in one of Australia’s most corporate-money heavy environments, with one of the most “linked in” business leaders as their club leader, with one of the most star-heavy rosters in the league, the Roosters … More Everyone totally believes the Roosters

The “all under-appreciated” Raiders of the decade

BY DAN As you may have noticed, the year, and also the decade is coming to a close. Most people doing the sports content are using this as an opportunity to look back over the decade. The result, as i’m sure you’ve noticed, has been often “Here’s [insert club name]’s team of the decade!” It’s … More The “all under-appreciated” Raiders of the decade