Leilua Leaving?

We barely had a moment to embrace the wonderful moment that was BJ Leilua’s flick pass to John Bateman before the soul-destroying real world came to sap beauty from your day. BJ Leilua, the instigator of that moment, has allegedly been told by the club they cannot afford to extend his salary beyond 2020 at … More Leilua Leaving?


A version of this already appeared on our twitter account. I thought I’d reproduce it here for those who don’t follow us there. I’ve done some minor edits. BY DAN Imagine finding out that you could have not been able to walk if you’d taken a bad hit in a footy game because something is … More Imagine

Raiders FINALS Rumble! Raiders v Storm Qualifying Final Preview

BY DAN Finals football is a gift given to us by the best bits of humanity bottled into an 80 minute package that allows us to believe all good things are possible. The only thing better is the Canberra Raiders being involved. All good things are possible but actually, are they? The Raiders start with … More Raiders FINALS Rumble! Raiders v Storm Qualifying Final Preview

Raiders Review: A bump in the road

BY DAN The Canberra Raiders 24-20 loss to the New Zealand Warriors was a frustrating and disappointing affair. The Green Machine performance was uncharacteristic, combining a unenthusiastic defence with a conservative and patchy attack. The result is largely meaningless for their finals schedule, but was an imperfect and unnecessary obstacle in their pursuit of a … More Raiders Review: A bump in the road