Raiders Fan Totally Chill


Canberra: A local Raiders fan has said he is totally chill and calm about Friday’s preliminarily final against South Sydney and not stressing his brains out at all what are you even talking about.

Totally chill

Speaking to our Canberra correspondent, a visibly exhausted Brett Jameson said “yeah man I’m just looking forward to the footy. I’ve definitely not taken up smoking again and I’m sleeping really well.”

“Why does everyone keep asking me if I’m ok?”

Jameson is just one of many Raiders fans totally relaxed about the side playing their home first preliminary final ever, and the fact the side could be 80 minutes away from their first grand final appearance since 1994.

“1994? Ha yeah it was a while ago but you know it’s just footy and I’m proud the boys have made it this far” he mumbled while chewing his fingernails.

“Oh man what time is it? I need a drink.”

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