Raiders to announce extra seating for bandwagon


BREAKING: The Canberra Raiders are currently in discussions to expand the seating capacity of the Green Machine’s bandwagon.

Already bursting at the seams due to the fact they’re a top bunch of blokes the Raiders’ bandwagon has seen an unprecedented surge after the only other ‘fan favourite’ side, the Parramatta Eels, bowed out of the finals. This has left the Raiders as the only side the neutrals can get behind.

Sources close to the side have told The Sportress that surging demand has put spots on the bandwagon at a premium and the Raiders are looking at ways to increase capacity.

“Let’s face it, even Sydneysiders don’t like the Roosters, and the Storm are the Storm. The Bunnies are alright but Sam Burgess has the Q-score of a poorly roasted potato right now”, the source told The Sportress.

“The Raiders are the sole hope of every decent rugby league fan. We’re going to need a bigger bandwagon.”

An announcement is expected to be made some time this week. This should allow for all those who value truth, beauty and goodness to get on-board.

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