New Marvel Phase To Include Nicoll-Klokstad


BREAKING: Documents leaked exclusively to The Sportress show that the next phase of Marvel movies is expected to include movies based on the life of Raiders custodian Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad.

The documents show Marvel executives gushing at both his on-field and off-field exploits.

“How did he get out of the in-goal with four dudes chasing down on him? That’s got to be the end of Act One” one executive emailed to Marvel script writers.

“Can we work the arrow thing in there? He can take over from Hawkeye?”

“He lifts the spirits of sick kids in his spare time? He’ll have to be an alien – he’s too pure for humanity” was the response from a writer.

“He’s breathtaking” gushed another executive. “We have to get this out before DC notices him.”

It’s expected the new film will be released in time for Christmas 2019 and multiple sequels are hopeful in 2020, 2021 and 2022 pending contract negotiations.

The Sportress approached Nicoll-Klokstad for comment but we fainted and he caught us and it was just nice to be near him.

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