Canberrans to fate: protect our boys


After Josh Hodgson, Jordan Rapana, Ata Hingano and Nic Cotric sustained in recent representative games, Canberrans are doing whatever the can to call on fate to ensure their stars are safe during this weekend’s representative round.

Fans are praying to the shrine statue of Laurie Daley. Visits to the holy relics like Big Mal’s arm guard are up 300 per cent. Locks of Gary ‘Badge’ Belcher’s shaved moustache hair are being clutched by all that hold it. There has been a reported 74 percent increase in requests to run Terry Campese’s beautiful bald dome for luck. There is even growing demand for bits of the cruddy grass laid at Bruce Stadium in the lead up to the 2000 games.

It’s beautiful you have to agree

“Everyone has got to do their part. The Raiders are actually good this year. We need all hands on deck” a local fan told The Sportress.

“By Dean Lance be safe. I’m too vulnerable to hear about another injury in rep footy.”

Coach Stuart has done his job by resting Jordan Rapana, Joe Tapine, Charnze Nicole-Klokstad and Dunamis Lui. But this still leaves Jack Wighton, Josh Papalii and Siliva Havili exposed.

Even local bloggers are doing their best to reverse jinx the situation by writing joke articles about the situation. However, scientists are still not sure if mentioning the reverse jinx renders it ineffective.

Coach Stuart was approached for comment but he was busy wrapping Josh Hodgson in bubble wrap.

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