Legend by Stealth – The Rise of Jarrod Cronker…I mean Crocker. Wait Croaker? Or maybe Crokah?


The Rugby League world has been shocked by the news that Jarrod Croker’s surname only has six letters, with only one C, two Rs, one E, an O and a K. Some insiders are now speculating that the terrible misspellings of his name may be the reason why he has largely flown under the radar of rep selectors and NRL commentators in general.


When questioned about this information at a press conference today Bred Fittzler, head coach of the Blues, paused for several moments before he finally realised who the reporter was banging on about.

“Wait, you mean the nephew of Jasyn “Touts” Croker, right?” exclaimed a befuddled Phittler.

“They’re no relation” returned the journo before asking why it had taken this long for anyone to get Croker’s name right.

“If I can be blunt” said Firtlyr, leaning in “We don’t really give a shit about what happens in Canberra, it’s quite frankly amazing that either Fox or Nine bother to turn up and cover their home games.”

The Sportress has seen first hand evidence that Croker doesn’t just suffer at the hands of lazy tabloid editors. Several incidences across Facebook have seen people calling for others to show more appreciation of the long-time Raiders centre, while ironically also butchering his name.

Said one online fan “If they love the guy so much then why don’t they bother to fix up these glaring mistakes? People just breeze through names likes Soliola and Nicoll-Klokstad but they can’t remember there’s only one C and it’s at the bloody start?”

When approached for comment Croker just smiled and showed us the trajectory for all the career and club records he’ll break by retirement.

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