Officials Warn Of Raiders Hype Levels


BREAKING: The National Hype Measurement Institute has today released a statement noting concern that the Canberra Raiders be getting too much hype from the rugby league media.

Stuart: “leave me alone”

After the side’s fourth victory in a row, Raiders fans had expected to continue being ignored by Sydney and Brisbane. Instead, a drastic change has occurred, leading to both NRL360 and 100% Footy actually talking about them for the first time in either show’s history. The Courier Mail went even further and declared them contenders alongside the Storm and the Roosters.

It has lead to the startling finding that the Raiders are now actually getting hype for the first time since 1997 according to official NHMI statistics.

“While still below “Parramatta stringing two wins together” levels, our concern is that after ignoring the Raiders for so long, the drastic swing by the media may have a disproportionate impact on Canberra. A sudden build of hype like this can cause issues like complacency, targeting, and a fear of having nice things” the NHMI statement said.

“We note that hype levels have no correlation to actual performance. They simply measure how hot air emissions from talking heads. Most of them still haven’t watched Canberra play in 2019. We’d advise Raiders fans to ignore the Sydney media and put their trust instead in the boys to not get ahead of themselves.”

Upon hearing the news NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said “heaping praise on the Green Machine is dangerous territory. We’d hate to see a repeat of the disastrous early 90s where they ended up with back-to-back premierships. We’re advising the league loving public that if confronted by a Raiders victory they should change the channel or not click those match highlights.”

When approached for comment Raiders coach Ricky Stuart said “can you leave me alone? I’ve got work to do.”

More to come.

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