Sam Williams has the best Wikipedia entry


So last night I’m fiddling around the dark corners of rugby league internet at 11.45 because that’s what I do.

Anyways I discovered Sam Williams Wikipedia entry has undergone what can only be described as some high quality editing from god knows who (although Geoff Keighley, I’m looking in your direction).

Here is the brilliant work of the editor below in case the world of the internet doesn’t let this brilliant prose last.

It’s quintessentially Australian for your friends to hang shit on you. Particularly on the internet. That these guys have done it to their ‘famous’ friend makes me prouder to be Australian than any lamb ad or political rhetoric.

Look it’s not exactly accurate. But the important thing is the quality of the wordsmith. I’d say it’s in the style of a young Kerouac or maybe Ken Kesey.

Anyway. Perfect.

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