Coachbusters! Hayne and Farah’s New Business


Jarryd Hayne and Robbie Farah are about to start a new business expected to help fans get rid of hard-to-remove and unwanted coaches.

In an announcement this week, ‘Coachbusters’ is expected to specialise in helping Rugby League fans get rid of even the most pesky of coaches.


“Jarryd and I just thought we both have a natural affinity for it, we may as well get paid to do it”, said Farah. “We’ve already knocked over 5 or 6 between us.”

Asked whether they thought it might prove to be hard to manage with their busy football careers Hayne responded “well it hasn’t yet.”

“We’ve already received inquiries from Canterbury, and might even expand into New Zealand if things go well.”

Looking to capitalise on their natural skills in the area, Hayne and Farah expect to be available for hire next year.

“We’ll get your coach fired within a year. That’s our guarantee.”

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