Raiders Rumble! Raiders v Dragons Rd 19 Preview




I’m supposed to be writing the Rumble, a piece that will hopefully get the faithful inspired in the lead up to Friday nights clash with the Dragons. It is very hard to write inspiring things when the team you are writing about hasn’t done anything inspiring since May.

That’s right folks, the Raiders last win was May. They sailed straight through June and into a new financial year without a single win. June was a car-wreck of a month for the Green Machine.

The first thing we need to do is dispel the myth about the Canberra winter cold giving the Raiders an edge over their opponents. The Raiders last two losses have been at home, in freezing conditions, against the two teams that hail from much warmer climes than ours. Neither the Broncos nor the Cowboys struggled in the Nations capital.

Fixing the bench roster was not a silver bullet, but a work in progress. Steps have been made, and I’m sure many fans will welcome the presence of Dave Taylor who has rightly edged out Clay Priest for a spot on the pine. With Baptiste back things are starting to look a bit more 2016 (albeit not the great part of 2016).

Sadly there is one piece of magic the Raiders can no longer call upon – the Hoodoo. For over a decade the Dragons were plagued by the worst misfortunes in Canberra, unable to secure a win here until they’d plundered enough ex-raiders to get the job done.

Last round I declared that the Raiders had to start winning or begin preparations for the 2018 campaign. They promptly went ahead and lost that match.

Traditionally the cut off mark for a finals berth is 28 competition points and a healthy for and against, a target which would require the Raiders to win AT LEAST 6 of their last 8 games, something which feels well beyond the current capabilities of the team.

This is a team in need of so much more than just a roster change – they need a full blown attitude readjustment. The lethargy and disinterest they show towards the idea of playing smart football is infuriating.

I really hope the Green Machine finds the spark, because as we all know the Raiders in full flight are unstoppable.


Please don’t lose to Josh McCrone.

Raiders by a Hoodoo miracle!













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