Raiders Rumble! – Roosters vs Raiders Rd4 preview



Nearly a week after an epic fail of a game against the Dragons the Raiders find themselves in the path of the Sydney City Roosters. At this point people would usually be making cracks about enjoying a bucket of fried chicken come Sunday arvo, but it’s beginning to look as though the Raiders may cop a serious bout of Salmonella for 80 odd minutes. If there is one upside to anything it’s that Ricky appears to have finally had the epiphany that everyone else had about 18 months ago, and has dumped McCrone back to Mounties. I’m going to tip the Raiders in my tipping comp, not because I think they can win, but because I simply can’t tip against my team. The Green Machine do have a knack for upsetting top 8 sides, and I personally will be happy if we play consistently for 80 minutes and lose. To overcome the aggressive unit that is the Roosters the Raiders will need to be focused and united for the entire game; if they waver they’re done for.

Big Three – Roosters

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck: The Roosters new full back has taken on the custodian position vacated by the Count and quickly made it his own. Raiders defenders will need to keep him pinned down or risk damaging line breaks.

Dylan Napa: Despite the fact that this guy really needs a third party deal from Red Rooster Napa is currently one of the best bench playing forwards available. Raiders bench players will need to point up against him and try and contain metre eating runs.

Boyd Cordner: One of the quiet achievers of the game, Cordner has been smashing it in the first three rounds, and should continue in this vein on Sunday. He already has 35 hit ups and 370+ metres in just three games.

Big Three – Raiders

Blake Austin: That try was dope. I mean c’mon. Sure it was against a fumbling Dragons side, but the hilarity of Austin’s audacity was awesome. The Raiders forwards definitely need to generate clear air for him to execute more show and go to catch defenders in two minds.

Jack Wighton: We really missed Wighton last round, and his dynamic style of play from #1 will be most welcome. If the rest of the spine can get the ball moving on good angles expect Wighton to terrorise the Roosters the full 80 minutes.

Josh Hodgson: Please, please, please Hodgson, play as long as you can mate. Play the first 40, have a breather at the half, maybe have a sneaky ten off between the 50-60 minute mark and then come straight back on. The Green Machine was ticking over nicely last week until Ricky suddenly put in a faulty gear box, which almost immediately burst into flames and sent the Raiders plummeting off a cliff.

You Wot Mate?
Go fuck yourself ferguson. See that, you’re not even worthy of a capital F, unless it’s an expletive proceeding you. Raiders fans are truly sick and tired of having the club punish a player only for said player to then be rehabbed by another club. I hope Shannon Boyd falls on you. Hard.

Crystal Ball
Roosters win through superior play and grub tactics, ferguson is permanently forced to retire after Boyd hits him like a Mac truck. Meanwhile in Mounties McCrone attempts a field goal which ricochets and concusses him, leaving him with the belief that he’s already finished his first grade career.

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