Spinal Fracture

BY DAN It’s a truism if Rugby League that the key to success is the skill and stability of the spine. The forwards lay the platform, the backs provide the excitement, but the spine is named as such because it connects all the parts. Talent is critical at these positions; but talent still needs time … More Spinal Fracture

Solving for One

BY DAN The impending move of Jack Wighton from the back-house to the showroom solves one Raiders headache but creates another. Who back-fills for Wighton? Canberra doesn’t seem sure (or at least isn’t telling). The Raiders have few options, none of which are perfect. It should surprise no one that the best choice is Nic … More Solving for One

Watch: Raiders Hype!

BY ROB AND DAN It’s late November and for most normal Australians minds are turning to the cricket, and to Christmas.  But here at the Sportress we are not normal. Yeah we’re thinking about 2019. And we’re thinking about 2018. But also 1994. And a bit of 1997. 1989 gets a run, mostly as something … More Watch: Raiders Hype!