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For the past few (seven!) years we’ve been writing a bunch of stuff about the Raiders. We started doing it for fun, and along the way a bunch of you have seemed to like what we do. It’s hardly Hemingway, but we like to think it’s the best written Raiders content (no) money can buy. And best of all has been the friends we’ve made along the way.

The current stand-off between Facebook and the federal government means we can’t post our stuff to Facebook. At all. We’re not even allowed to communicate to the people that follow our Facebook page. Given this is the way most people read our work, it’s a bit of a problem.

The only way to continue to reach you now is if you sign up to our email list. You can do that right below. Just chuck in your email address and get each post straight to your box brain.

Other than that we remain at the mercy of the Zuck. I’m not saying we’ll give up if Facebook keeps us turned off, but well, I’m not not saying that.

So if you like us and want us to keep churning out the Raiders Review; the Rumble, and all the quality content in between please, sign up for the email list. You’ll get every article we produce right in your mailbox. All for the princely sum of zero dollarbucks. It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the f*cking century.

Every single one of you that reads our work is already appreciated. Every single one of you that signs up for it for will keep it going, and we’ll always love you for it.


Dan and Rob

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  1. Dan and Rob,

    Sorry to hear you’re being affected by the Facebook fight – but surely you knew it was coming. Ever since the day I stopped reading the Telegraph, the day I cancelled my Foxtel, the day I refused to pay the Herald subscription – because The Sportress was giving me all the quality green news I need, they were coming for you. In fact I’m surprised your reputations haven’t been smeared across the front page of the herald sun already, but I’m sure the hatchet job is still coming. The headlines haven’t referenced you by name (yet) but rest assured Rupert has you in his sights. Take a Murdoch dollar and expect the full force of the Liberal Govt lackeys to come down hard….

    I wrote to you guys once before. I think it was 2017 after another of those unloseable leads went to shit where I expressed how much I appreciated your thorough analysis of the game and our shortcomings, even if I have to put the article aside until mid week when I have calmed down a bit. Still read every one of your posts religiously, best Raiders news there is. I also often watch the replay again after reading, many times with a new appreciation for what I had missed.

    I was in Year 12 in ‘82 and never missed a game at Seiffert with the old man. Against Newtown we were sitting behind a few bikies smoking dope – when we won that game one of them picked me up and nearly killed me in a bear hug. Dad didn’t know whether to join in or search for security – security in 1982… yeah right. What a day it was though. First win. Chris O’Sullivan, my fave and never got the accolades – scored the winning try in that game and there right through to kicking that field goal in the ‘89 GF. I played with Matt Corkery in juniors. In U13 grand final they kicked off, he caught it in the in-goal pretty much stepped their whole team and scored 100 metres later in the corner. We won that grand final 3 – 0. (Hey – I read your ‘satirical posts’ you can return the favour with my ‘glory days’ 😀

    The point, finally the point. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys, you do a great job, your style is extremely readable and your analysis is top-notch. I know you don’t mind a whiskey, and I’d like to buy you a bottle of Japan’s finest (my wife is Japanese) with my Murdoch dollar savings. If you could let me know how I might do this, we could perhaps share a virtual toast on Grand Final night, but I doubt there would be any left by then it is a mighty smooth drop.

    Keep it up guys, love your work. Let me know how I can send you money or booze.



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  2. Dan I love reading your thoughts perhaps because they often reflect mine but are so much more eloquent. I’m really sorry this has happened, and it annoys the heck out of me that facebook is stuffing up so many people and businesses.
    Have you thought about linking in with the Greenhouse group who exist outside of facebook. A number of people write columns like yours . Good luck!


    • Thanks Chris. The guys over at the greenhouse have been great to us and set us up with our own little channel there. I’m terrible with remembering to post things there, but I’ll be posting all our articles there from now one. I’ll chuck the link here when I go away and find it.


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