Hodgson’s Magical Moustache


BREAKING: Scientists are speculating whether Josh Hodgson’s new moustache has magical healing powers.

Here it is, in all its glory

The Canberra Raiders released photos today of Hodgson sporting a new moustache, and scientists from the National Hype Measurement Institute have already identified that it may be important in Hodgson’s recovery from an ACL injury suffered last year.

“We’re not sure if it’s a load bearing moustache, or if it’s presence just makes his whole body just feel stronger, but it’s clear that it’s playing a role in his recovery” a spokesperson told The Sportress.

“At this stage it’s too early to tell. But we’ll be paying close attention to it.

This moustaches follows on the great tradition of Raiders’ magical moustaches. Sam Backo’s moustache repelled defenders, Gary Belcher’s moustache gave him that characteristic jinking step, and Noa Nadruku’s underrated mo’ was believed to give him super speed.

We approached Coach Stuart for comment but he asked us if we could grow a moustache and we got sad.

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