A Solid Gold Solution

BY DAN For months these pages have been wondering where exactly the Raiders unending list of talent would spend its time when it wasn’t in first grade. Our questions have been answered with the announcement that the Green Machine will field a team in the Canterbury Cup in 2021 for the first time since 2007. … More A Solid Gold Solution

V’Landys Weak-spot

BY DAN Peter V’Landys has made his reputation as a fearless leader. He stood up to a virus. He convinced governments of the safety and seriousness of the game. He even appropriately tugged at the shirt of the AFL. And he brought back the game everyone thought was gone. For most, including many in the … More V’Landys Weak-spot

Hodgson’s Magical Moustache

BY DAN BREAKING: Scientists are speculating whether Josh Hodgson’s new moustache has magical healing powers. The Canberra Raiders released photos today of Hodgson sporting a new moustache, and scientists from the National Hype Measurement Institute have already identified that it may be important in Hodgson’s recovery from an ACL injury suffered last year. “We’re not … More Hodgson’s Magical Moustache

Safety Valve

BY DAN Over the last few years, whenever the Canberra Raiders faced an injury in their backline they always had a tried and true performer waiting to fill a spot. Michael Oldfield was a luxury, one that the Green Machine could no longer afford this off-season. It’s a different situation now for Canberra. Their depth … More Safety Valve

In Plain Sight

BY DAN It’s rare that you get to watch a player develop so brazenly before your eyes. The 2020 season was a story of obstacles. Pandemics, bus rides, rule changes, bush fires, me eating too much, bubbles, Peter V’Landys chewing administrative structures of the game to bits while the media polity applauded. It wasn’t an … More In Plain Sight