Williams’ Pass to go in Museum?


BREAKING: Sources not close to a government have told The Sportress that George Williams’ pass to Nic Cotric is being considered for an exhibit in the National Museum.

“I mean did you see it? The fake to himself, the read of the winger, the perfect arc to Nic. It was a thing of beauty” the source told us.

“That he did it against the Storm, in Melbourne, in only his third game just makes it more historic.”

“Probably put it right there next to Phar Lap’s heart.”

This wouldn’t be the first time something to do with the Raiders being considered for exhibit. Gary Belcher’s moustache, Josh Dugan’s empty cruiser bottle and Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad’s top-knot are all rumoured to have been collected by the museum for exhibition at a later date.

Our source said there was currently no plan for a exhibition solely dedicated to the people’s team but that would likely be revisited if Williams keeps throwing heat like this.

We approached Coach Stuart for comment but he and John Bateman were busy staring at each other without blinking.

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