Local man pumped for last game of the season


Canberra: Local Raiders fan Henry Order has announced he’s “pumped’ for the last game of the National Rugby League season.

With the likelihood of the suspension of the NRL increasing every day many are expecting this to be the last round of rugby league for 2020.

“2020 has been a heck of a rollercoaster. We had the high points of beating the Titans. Jack was in form. The young forwards were emerging. For a few good hours there we were riding high, on top spot with our 18 point win over the Titans,” Henry told The Sportress.

“But Rugby League, what a game hey. It all came crashing down when the Knights beat the Warriors by two more than we beat the Titans.”

“”What a ride. I’m still optimistic we can hold on and make the top 8. And then from there, the sky is the limit….if they play finals.”

It’s expected that this season will remain more relevant to NRL history than the two ‘vacated’ Storm premierships.

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