Even Raiders Impressed By Cricketers Choke Job


Canberra: A spokesperson for the Canberra Raiders has told The Sportress even they are impressed by the Australian Men’s cricket team’s choke job in the Ashes.

“I mean we’ve had some absolute shockers over the years that will haunt the organisation and its fans for decades, but nothing like that.”

“Shit even Bathurst wasn’t that bad.

You have to admire the effort it took. You can’t half ass a choke like that. It takes full commitment across the team. Trust me, we know.”

The spokesperson also revealed the Raiders were secretly relieved with the result which they believe will give them a bit of cover after their disappointing effort against Manly on Sunday.

“In terms of timing it couldn’t be better. Gives us time to recoup in peace.

Now if someone could just get John Bateman to shut up about it.”

More as it comes to hand.

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