NRL defends Young citation: “Stop wearing lime green”


BREAKING: The NRL judiciary has taken the unusual step of defending its citation system after controversy erupted around Hudson Young’s grade 3 contrary conduct charge.

The incident in question

The controversy stems from more significant punishment facing Young than was metered out to a worse incident earlier in the season involving Josh McGuire.

“I don’t know how many times I have to explain this to you people” said judiciary member Michael Buettner, “if you’re wear lime green you will be seen.”

“It’s a simple rhyme guys. Get with it. We’re trying to stamp out this unfortunate colour” Buettner contended.

“Maybe if Hudson wasn’t wearing lime green he wouldn’t have this problem. I had to explain this to Sia Soliola a few years back. It’s just continued risky behaviour by the Raiders.”

“Did he gouge the eyes? Probably not. Yet that’s not what it’s about. It’s about sending a message that players will be randomly punished if they aren’t at a glamour club.”

Buettner went on to explain that character also matters.

“I mean Josh has always been such a stand up guy.”

“We asked Cameron Munster if Josh was ok and he’s a good judge of appropriate behaviour. And Sam Burgess said this Young fella was a bit of a prick to him and you know that Sam is a top bloke too. He’s never done anything wrong.”

Coach Stuart was approached for comment but threw a chair at us and we ran away.

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