Nation Shocked Waugh May Have Been Voice of Reason


The Australian cricketing public is today coming to terms with the fact that Mark Waugh may have been the sole voice of reason during his time on the National Selection Panel.

One of these men might have been a genius.

Increasingly bizarre and erratic selection decisions are leading many to believe that Waugh may have actually been a calming influence on his fellow selectors.

“I mean this is a guy who openly admitted to only seeing players in the frame for test selection during his Big Bash commentary duties”, one punter exclaimed.

“He didn’t watch cricket he wasn’t paid to! The guy is more interested in the dogs!”

And HE was the voice of reason? What the hell man.”

“Far out, maybe if he was still around we wouldn’t be sending Mitch Marsh out to have his career destroyed every few weeks.”

Waugh was asked for comment but was at the track and didn’t respond.

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