Don’t be fooled, he could still train smarter


Glenn Maxwell put on a T20 masterclass last night in Australia’s dominant victory over England in Hobart. Having had limited opportunities at international level despite being one of the inform players of the summer at domestic level, Maxwell took full advantage of his chance producing starring efforts with both bat and ball.

Most Australian’s were in raptures when the talented Victorian, after having taken 3/10 with the ball, secured victory and brought up his century with a towering six over cow corner. Most, but not all. The man who usually holds the number four position Maxwell filled on Wednesday night, Steve Smith, had a different view on the match winning heroics.

“Don’t be fooled,” the Australian skipper told nobody in particular in his Sydney loungeroom. “He could still train a lot smarter.”

When asked by his fiance why he was fixated on stupid shots Maxwell played at training rather than those played by David Warner in games, Smith was almost apopleptic. “Everybody just pays attention to game performances,” Smith said as his fiancee rolled her eyes, upset at herself for engaging in the conversation. “We spend way more time training than playing games!”

Mid-rant, Smith was interrupted by the ringing phone. “Boof,” the Aussie skipper greeted his coach excited but anxious. “What are we going to do now, people are going to point to this the next time we leave him out for no reason. I knew we should never have picked him.”

“Calm down Smudger,” the coach casually responded to his hystrionic captain. “Two simple words. Team Balance.” With that, the pair shared a hearty laugh.

“Sorry Boof,” Smith responded barely able to contain his mirth. “I should have know you’d have a reason to keep him out of the team.”

“Are you kidding me Smudge?” Lehman asked incredulous. “We dropped him from the Test team for not performing well enough in the Shield and replaced him with a bloke who had performed worse.”

“You’re right Coach,” a relieved Smith said. “I should never of doubted you.”

“Damn straight.”

As the pair again shared a knowing laugh, a strange feeling came across Maxwell as he packed his man of the match award his kit bag in Tasmania.

“I have a bad feeling that this still won’t be enough,” he said as he prepared himself for the bus ride to the hotel.

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