Pearce exit to free up enough cap space to buy New Zealand


The Sydney Roosters are reportedly looking into buying both the North and South islands of New Zealand should representative half Mitchell Pearce depart.

Cooper Cronk’s arrival to Bondi Junction has spurred rumours that Pearce will leave. This has in turn led to rumours that the resulting cap space may be used to sign Jarryd Hayne and Angus Crichton to the club already laden with representative stars.

According to insiders the Roosters don’t intend to stop there, and have their sights on acquiring the entire nation of New Zealand, bringing the nation of 4.6 million people under their salary cap.

Sources within the Roosters argue that the team could use its own island or two.

It’s understood the NRL is unable to confirm whether this is within the salary cap rules but remains unlikely to oppose the move.

When approached for comment Roosters head honcho Nick Politas responded “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.”

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