Flanagan: Refs to Blame For Me Forgetting to Take Bins Out

Cronulla Coach Shane Flanagan has reportedly put the blame for his failure to put the bins out squarely on the shoulders of the NRL referees.

“Mate I always get the bins out on the right night. It’s not my fault. Cummins told me the night had changed I swear. These refs should be sacked.”

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Some commentators have argued that Flanagan is merely trying to distract his wife from his own poor performance. To those comments Flanagan responded “that’s not true” and “ask Buzz Rothfield, he’s impartial.”

Mrs Flanagan was approached for comment offering only “he already tried that with the milk” and “if he thinks he’s going to get away with that he must think I’m stupid.”

“He already asked Gal and Fifita to do it for him. I guess they dropped the ball.”

When approached for comment, Andrew Fifita said he did try to take them out but “wasn’t sure which direction he was meant to take them.”


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