Poet’s Corner: Macca


We’d bowled pretty bad. It looked like we had
Never played, they made four-twenty-one!
We’d dropped a few sitters and they had some hitters
We looked to be pretty well done.
But “We’ll give it a crack.” I said to the boys
“You gotta be in it to win it!”
Macca and Bob took the openers job
And their opening bowler could swing it.
He could swing it both ways, inward and out
Bob did anything he could to get on one.
He flicked one down leg that just missed his pegs
But they scurried through for our first run…
It was a worrying time for a little while there
We were all pretty tense.
It got a bit easier when they bowled him a teaser
And Mac put it over the fence!
Bob made his way to eighteen for the day
Then tickled one through to the keeper.
Freddy would fall off his eighth or ninth ball
And Terry was out even cheaper!
Mac set his jaw and smashed a few fours
While Tommy just valued his wicket.
We were going okay, Macca swinging away
But then, right on drinks, Tommy nicked it!
Four-fa ninety-two from twenty won’t do
Blue and Macca would need to be nifty.
Wherever they’d pitch it Blue would just hit it
And he nigh on beat Macca to fifty!
Now I woulda bet now that Macca was set
They couldn’t get him out for tryin’
He got a few more of those sixes and fours
And Bluey was still bloody flyin’!
Mac raised his bat and we gave him a clap
When he brought up his hundred and one.
He’d made it this far, the man was a star,
A real ‘Aussie battler’, a gun!
Then on ninety-nine it was Bluey’s time
He hit one down deep square legs throat.
Macca still in on one hundred and ten
And now Mickey to ‘steady the boat’.
Mick out for twenty, Mac still on plenty
I went in for a whack.
Got away with a few, then ran a two
And hit one ‘bout twenty rows back!
I didn’t last long, caught at long on.
We still needed a hundred and eight!
Jimmy out quick, tryna smash one for six
He said “it cut off the pitch and swung late!”
Mac was still in, it was all up to him
‘cause Dazza and Willow can’t get ‘em.
They can hold up an end for an over or ten
But to make runs as well we were dreaming.
So Macca went nuts, there were no ifs or buts
He swung like a mad man possessed.
Five fours in a row, about eighty to go
To keep strike, the next, he caressed.
He hit fifteen more off the next couple balls
Got himself to One Seven Six.
He needed a breath, he was feeling like death
and his hands and his arms felt like bricks.
Daz faced a few, it was all he could do
To give Macca a sec for a breather.
Then Macca went ‘smack!’ off this poor, tired attack
They couldn’t believe all this either.
Eleven runs off the next, then twenty-six
Mac was a freak and he knew it.
We had a real shot, within thirty we’d got
Nobody had thought we could do it.
Daz blocked some out and got through a few shouts
But he had made it through a tough over.
Macca on again and he carved up these men
With a six over gully, point and cover!
With just thirteen left, Daz did his best.
He flicked one away for a quick one.
Macca went BOOM! It cleared the clubrooms
And gave us all hope where we’d had none.
Then Dazza got out when the ball swung about.
There were three balls left for poor Willow.
“Just get through these, mate! Close up your gate.
You could be ‘our little hero!’”
Willow got through, he let out a “phew!”
With a “Good on ya mate!” from Macca.
The very next ball, he gave it his all,
The bowler sent down a half tracker.
It was right in the slot and OH, what a shot
Cleared the fence by a bloody mile!
We all ran to him and his big crazy grin
And carried the man off in style!
The legend lives on, it’ll never be gone
How our game that day was a cracker!
They talk of it still and I’m sure always will
Two-forty-three unbeaten for Macca….

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