Selectors Ready for India: Already Doing Weird Things



Preparation for Australia’s tour of India is so far ahead of schedule that Australia’s selectors have begun doing weird things before the side gets to India.

In a break with tradition the selection panel has already foreshadowed a series of weird decisions normally reserved for when the squad gets to the sub-continent.

Lehmann is confident the selectors can do some whacky stuff come India

“Look mate India usually presents us with a unique opportunity to really throw caution to the wind and have a lot of fun” said coach and selector Darren Lehmann.

“But the utter destruction that occurred in Hobart really brought forward a lot of our potential moves. Inserting an overwhelmed, out-of-form batsmen? Bringing in a bat simply because they can roll an arm over? Selecting someone who bowls straight-breaks because you see a little bit of dust in the wicket? These are things we normally reserve for when we starting falling apart over there”

But Lehmann is sure the selection panel will be able to live up to the pressure in India.

“It’s going to be hard to come up with new ways to be innovative with selections, but I’m confident the boys will rise to the occasion.”

“We’re already looking at sacking in-form batsmen. That’s new. Even for us!”





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