State of Origin Hot Take Pancakes: A stack of things you can expect tonight!


  1. At some point someone will do something unsporting, and an opposing player will take offence, causing teammates to come running from the other side of the field. Everyone will then, in a time honoured tradition, slap each other and grab one another’s collars.

Ray n Fat

  1. Ray Warren will start rambling on about non-football things while Sterlo sits next to him making “Loopy” hand gestures.


  1. Everyone on the commentary team will lie through their teeth about how they think Channel 9’s The Rookie is the best thing on tv.


  1. A NSW player will make an error which earns him the ire of an entire state.


  1. Former QLD player/commentators will talk about PASSION!


  1. Phil Gould will talk about how everything was better when he was doing it.


  1. All of NSW will once again curse the selection of Farah.


  1. Blake Ferguson will be released from his straight jacket an hour before kick-off.


  1. Fittler and Johns will make horribly redundant statements along the lines of “The team with the most points at 80 minutes will probably win the game”


  1. Someone will score against the tide of play, and it’ll be a bloody Queenslander.


  1. Everyone will wax lyrical about how the winning team just wanted it more.

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