9 Things To Fill the World Cup Void


The Cricket World T20 starts next month in India. The premier international event will not be shown on Australian TV.

This is interesting because Australian’s fell head over heels in love with the Men’s and Women’s Big Bash League this summer. Live sport is the favourite haven on advertising dollars, now that ‘event’ television is a thing of the past. And this doesn’t even mention that some of Australia’s games are actually in prime time at 8.30 on Friday nights.

But never fear! Commercial television has a very good reason to not pay for the rights to show this in Australia. Instead, here are the amazing things they will be showing.

  1. Repeats of M.A.S.H

Hawkeye. Radar. Hot Lips. Dry humour. Normally you have to wait for rain at the cricket to see M.A.S.H. Now just watch it without the interference of actual entertainment!

  1. Ready Steady Cook

Look I can only assume this is on. It’s always on. I’m pretty sure there’s an entire channel dedicated to it.

  1. Game of Thrones
    If your here because you saw a Game of Thrones picture we’re sorry    Source: HBO

There is no way Australian’s will be accessing this show illegally, just like they won’t be streaming the cricket illegally.

  1. The Real Housewives of Albury-Wodonga

Look to be honest I’m not sure if this is a real show.

  1. Other Sports

The footy will have started by then right?

  1. Die Hard or Lethal Weapon or Rambo

Let’s just skip the main course and go straight to the post-sport wind down show! Speaking of which….

  1. Truckers driving on ice or something

No no no… not taking amphetamines and driving big trucks…the one where transport workers drive the trucks on the sheets of ice and its dangerous and for some reason men of a certain age find this mesmerizing.

  1. Warnie on that ‘I’m a celebrity’ show.
    Warnie celeb
    Warnie – entertainment without cricket

Watching Warnie say silly things on TV in a hot climate? It’s pretty much the cricket.

    9. The Democratic and GOP Primaries

Because it’s pretty much like the cricket. You can argue about what’s going to happen, and then when the opposite does, you can just complain that your side was robbed!

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