5 reasons picking Shaun Marsh was the right decision


There is a lot of hate for Shaun Marsh at the moment. People saying he doesn’t deserve to be picked, that there are other players more deserving. Well you are all wrong. Leave Shaun Marsh alone. Here are 5 reasons why the selectors made the right decision.   

Even Shaun is surprised he got picked
   1: Mitchell Marsh has always wanted to play a test with his brother.

There was a puff piece on the cricket show. You probably didn’t see it because the cricket show isn’t very good and is hosted by numpties. Anyway, I did because I forgot to turn the iPad off. In it Mitchell Marsh opened up about how he had always wanted to play a test match with his brother. The Australian selectors are making a little kid’s wish come true. If you don’t understand why this is a great reason you are a heartless bastard.

2: In 2002 as a 19 year old Shaun Marsh top scored with 92 in a tour game against an English XI attack that included Matthew Hoggard, Stephen Harmison, Andy Caddick and Ashley Giles. Enough said. The kid has talent.

3: Shaun Marsh averages 33 in test cricket and 38 in FC cricket. If you round both those number up to 40, then he averages 40 in both test and first class cricket. 40 is a more than respectable test average.

4: Shaun Marsh is the son of Geoff Marsh. Also Geoff Marsh was great. With a pedigree like that we would be mad not to back him.

5: Khawaja did well in the last two tests. Given that he will be back in a couple of tests, you probably don’t want to pick a guy who will be successful, because that will cause a selection headache and indecision is hard and causes stress which causes heart attacks, which are not good. Hence, Shaun’s selection and the very low likelihood he will score lots of runs avoids all that hassle.

So stop the hating! Shaun Marsh was the right man for the job.

Yours totally sincerely

Dr Herman


Bonus reason: This GIF of a dog having a bath with Enya’s sail away as the soundtrack.  

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